Sun Myung Moon Quotes

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Golden Garden Productions (click on link for contact form), developed an app for smartphones and iPhones which features more than 400 quotations from Father Moon. The title of the app is “Sun Myung Moon Quotes” and it can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Golden Gardens Production phone app: "Sun Myung Moon Quotes."

The themes that are covered in this app are God, Faith in Practice, Prayer, Life, True Love, Marriage, Family, Happiness, Success, Leadership and Motivation. The quotations convey simple and universal wisdom and thus this app provides inspirational words that are easy to read, e.g. while waiting for the bus or sitting in the train! 


  • Over 400 quotes by Sun Myung Moon
  • Quotes organized by theme
  • Source reference to each quote
  • Short biography of Sun Myung Moon
  • Integrated search function
  • Mark favorite quotes
  • Share quotes via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Display random quotes
  • Available Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Albanian
  • Clean design

Sun Myung Moon Quotes were taken from the following sources: 

– Twelve Talks (1973)

– A Prophet Speaks Today (1975)

– The Way of God’s Will (1980)

– World Scripture (1991)

– The Way for a True Child (1998)

– The Way for Young People (1998)

– The Way for Students (1998)

– Cheon Seong Gyeong (2006)

– Peace Messages (2005 – 2007)

– As a Peace-loving Global Citizen (2010)


Important note: The quotes posted in this app may differ from the original source and may contain errors or inaccuracies. Therefore the versions posted here cannot be used or thought of as an official rendering, source for doctrine, or used for authoritative quotes.


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Enjoy your daily readings of enlightened wisdom!

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