Celebration of the 58th Day of All True Things

58th day of all things 21 June 2020

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ blessings and love be with you all.

With the dawn of the Cheon Il Guk era, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have instructed that the commemoration and celebration of the eight major Holy Days be held centering on the national leader or local pastor of each nation and church. Accordingly, please offer your utmost devotion in celebrating the 58th Day of All True Things in your local churches. (familyfed.org)

The following is a sermon delivered by FFWPU Co-Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon at the Holy Day celebration for “Day of all Things” in 1984.

Day of All Things 1984

Sun Myung Moon
May 31, 1984
World Mission Center
Translator, Bo Hi Pak

As you know, we have several special holidays in the Unification Church which the rest of the world does not celebrate. The first one is God’s Day, then Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, and Day of All Things. What other great days do we celebrate? We celebrate the True Parents’ Birthday, the Day of the Victory of Love. Also we now celebrate the most recent holiday — the Day of the Love of God.

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