True Parents’ Birthday 2021

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06.01.09 Heavenly Calendar, 17.02.2021 Gregorian Calendar

  • Sun Myung Moon, 101 years, 06.01.1920 – 17.07.2012 (lunar calendar)‎
  • Hak Ja Han , 78 years, 06.01.1943 –

Here are some excerpts from the Cheon Seong Gyeong 2014: The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk on this Holy Day:

Book 11 Ceremonies and Holy Days
CHAPTER 5. The Holy Days and Anniversaries
Section 1. Holy Days

True Parents’ Birthday

‎16. Because of the Fall, the True Father had to emerge first, before the True Parents ‎together. Today, believers in many religions surely wish that their own founder were the True ‎Father, but God takes a different viewpoint. The person in the position of the True Father is to be ‎born in the religion of religions. The True Father is the person who is qualified to procreate true ‎children, that is, he is qualified to turn fallen children into true children. (83-043, 1976.02.05)‎

‎17. A historic time of transition is coming to the entire world. It is historically significant ‎that today we celebrate True Parents’ Birthday. Not only we Unification Church members but ‎also spirits from the spirit world — Unification Church members who went to the spirit world, ‎Christians in the spirit world and all good spirits — have entered the realm where they can be ‎celebrating this day together with us. We human beings on earth must serve as guideposts to lead ‎heavenly fortune in one direction. Today, people who follow moral rules and who believe in ‎religion must take responsibility to fulfill this. Yet, few among them are even dreaming this in ‎their dreams. Most of them think they will go to the heavenly kingdom based on blind faith. In ‎light of this, the fact that we are celebrating True Parents’ Birthday today has cosmic ‎significance. In the future, only those who genuinely celebrate True Parents’ Birthday will be able ‎to celebrate their own birthdays. (83-113, 1976.02.05)‎

‎18. It is an amazing fact that people of all five races have gathered here to celebrate my ‎birthday. Who made this possible? It was not I. God’s Will and God’s love made it possible. ‎Other people do not know, but you people know God’s Will and you know God’s love that ‎dwells in the hearts of Unification Church members. Although the world opposes us and ‎although this nation opposes us, we who know these things must march forward to accomplish ‎God’s Will, grateful to the end even if we must sacrifice everything we have. We know that ‎doing this has the greatest value; therefore nothing can deter us. We may encounter great trials ‎and tribulations, but we must overcome them no matter how difficult they are. Even if we are ‎bombarded with things of no value from this world, we will nevertheless defend God’s Will at ‎the cost of our lives. We must be proud that we are investing our lives in order to seek God’s ‎love. Today all of you are congratulating Mother and me on our joint birthday. Although I am ‎grateful to you for that, before doing so you have to resolve to unite all five races of humankind ‎in front of God’s Will and His love. Then you can celebrate this day on which Mother and I are ‎united as one, and also offer praises to God. (096-268, 1978.02.12)‎

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Note about references. Each reference indicates the volume and page number where the ‎passage appears in the series The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (published in the ‎original Korean), plus the date the words were spoken (year, month, day). For example, “096-‎‎268, 1978.02.12” indicates that the content from that extract came from Volume 96, page 268, ‎and that the speech was given on February 2, 1978. ‎

Featured image at top: Today’s World magazine, March-April 2010, p. 4, accessed Feb. 16, 2021.

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