True Mother’s Message at the 61st Children’s Day

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True Mother’s Speech at the 61st True Children’s Day and 33rd Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth and Special Sunday Service to Transfer the Cheon Won Gung Cheonwon Church to the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace (HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center main building)

November 15, 2020, Cheonwon Church at the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace

Today is the 61st True Children’s Day, right? If this day were a person, he would be past his hwan-gap [60th birthday, the completion of a sixty-year cycle]. Are all of you who are gathered here for True Children’s Day, which has passed its 60th birthday, the true children of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents? Are you filial sons and daughters? Are you loyal patriots? If you are honest with yourselves, you cannot say you are 100 percent there yet, can you?

God expects from us the same absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience that He expected from the first human ancestors. So we cannot give in to self-centered thinking or personal opinions. Even if we have beliefs we have treasured for decades, if we are given to realize that our understanding of truth is incomplete we must respond with complete faith. That is the path of a true child.

Isn’t it the mother that takes 99.99 percent responsibility for childbearing? You have heard this since long ago. Even though you knew this, when—after sixty years—I said that I am the only begotten Daughter, you were not one with me on that, were you? No one really was.

As I have said, “The only begotten Daughter was born in 1943,” and “This only begotten Daughter had to be born with the support of a Christian foundation.” The development of the Christian church in Korea was shaped in large part by Presbyterian missionaries. Presbyterianism arose from the teachings of John Calvin [1509–1564], who helped institute the religious reforms of Martin Luther [1483–1546]. Calvin’s influence on Christianity appeared especially in the Puritan movement.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, Christians, knowing neither the true nature of our Creator nor of Jesus, waited for Christ’s return and developed a system of faith based upon an incomplete understanding. This resulted in many problems. 

Thus, Luther’s call for religious reform led to the Reformation in 1517, and Calvin one generation later solidified Protestantism into a positive social force. It is notable that Puritans shaped the development of the United States, a nation established by God as a foundation for True Parents. This year, 2020, marks 400 years since the Puritans arrived in America. These 400 years are an important period in providential history. 

That country has been going through a presidential election to select the nation’s leader, and it has become a Cain-Abel struggle, hasn’t it? Whether that nation can stand in a position to fulfill its responsibility will depend on who understands Heaven’s providence and attends God. Korea will come to have an important role in this area.

Northern Presbyterian pastors from the United States went out to the world to witness. While many traditional Christians expected Jesus to return on the clouds, certain groups in the area of Pyongyang, North Korea, who worshiped in the Spirit and Truth, stated that the Messiah would return in the flesh, and that the Fall of our first ancestors was to do with sexual relations rather than eating a literal fruit of good and evil.

I was born in 1943, while Mrs. Kim Seong-do’s Spirit-let group was making substantial preparations to receive the returning Messiah. Kim Seong-do died the following year and Mrs. Heo Ho-bin’s group inherited that responsibility. Then along with Korea’s liberation came its division into the North and the South, under communism and democracy respectively. The communist regime in North Korea where we lived moved forward strongly. When I was about six years old, one of the members of Heo Ho-bin’s group testified about me, saying, “She is the daughter of our Creator, God” and, “She will become the mother of the universe.”

As we celebrate Children’s Day, do you elder members realize that for more than 60 years you have remained in the position of not being able to fulfill your filial duty and responsibility in front of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and that now is the time to make a leap beyond your present reality?

We cannot leave the Korean people in the position of making God wait because they did not know. They should not be placed in the situation where they cannot uphold God’s will, like the leaders of Israel long ago. These are urgent times, each day and every hour.

As citizens of Cheon Il Guk, you Family Federation members and the people of this nation now have many things to do throughout the world. I am not sure if you are aware that, due to the coronavirus, so many masks are being disposed of. This is creating a mountain of garbage and it becoming a big problem. Moreover, the human race, in its ignorance of God’s providence, and out of greed, is devastating the planet.

I thought that with summer over and with the coming of winter here, the typhoons would stop, but just two days ago, I saw on the news the indescribable damage a typhoon left in the Philippines. We must repent and ask ourselves why these things keep happening now, all over the world. And this is not the end of it.

As long as this planet exists, living beings must continue to exist, but it is the human race that in ignorance is blocking the way. If humankind is to dream of the path to oneness, of hope for the future, we must teach people whom they should attend as the center and how to improve things little by little. If, in the position of attending God as their Heavenly Parent, this nation and the world can each create unity, then gradually fix what is wrong, it is clear that we will have hope for the future.

What do you think? You must become one with the only begotten Daughter, the True Mother, who is here on earth and can solve these problems, and proclaim with a loud voice. You, the blessed families, must bring God’s chosen people to fulfill their responsibility. As for the heads of families registered as Cheonbo, True Parents are your center. Being a tribal messiah does not make you the center. You must teach that the center is God and True Parents.

I am saying that you should not cling to what you have. You have the responsibility to let go of everything and offer it all to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. That is the attitude that all blessed families and heads of heavenly tribes must have. Do you understand? I hope you understand that only by taking this position can you celebrate True Children’s Day as true children.

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