True Heavenly Parent Day 2021

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The first day of the lunar new year is a Holy Day in Unificationist tradition known as True Heavenly Parent Day or God’s Day.

Today 12 February 2021 (Gregorian Calendar) is 01.01.09, i.e the 1st day in the first month of the ninth year of Cheon Il Guk.

Here are some excerpts from the Cheon Seong Gyeong 2014: The Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk on this Holy Day:

Book 11 Ceremonies and Holy Days
CHAPTER 5. The Holy Days and Anniversaries

Section 1. Holy Days

1. Knowing that you are heavenly princes and princesses and citizens of the heavenly kingdom, you need to acquire the proper set of rules for dealing with any situation in your life and fulfill the duties appropriate to your position. Yet, even blessed members do not know about this. What, from now on, must Unificationists do? You must establish the family tradition appropriate for and aligned with God’s Day. You must establish the family rules aligned with Parents’ Day. You must establish the standard by which you order your life in alignment with Children’s Day. In order to celebrate these days, you need to offer more devotion and welcome them with greater joy than you would any other holidays celebrated on earth. Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, Day of All Things and God’s Day must become the basis of your family tradition. In your family, you have to establish the tradition of celebrating these holy days as the rule for Heaven’s family, a rule that is passed down to your descendants for thousands or even tens of thousands of generations. Based on this family norm, you must go straight from Parents’ Day to Children’s Day, from there to the Day of All Things, and finally to God’s Day. (22-026, 1969.01.01)

True God’s Day

2. We must create a circuit of giving and receiving based on God’s heart, a high standard that cannot be invaded by Satan’s world. Its first foundational foothold is the tradition of the holy days celebrated in the Unification Church. In order to welcome and commemorate these days, you must be able to align your entire life with them. Moreover, you must cleave to these days with all your loyalty and sincere devotion.

Then, when you celebrate these days, you will become children who can uphold the purposes and norms that Heaven has established. Finally, after six thousand years, God’s Day has been created. It is the day when God can rejoice. All the fortune of heaven and earth was gathered together for this day. It is a day unprecedented in history. Therefore, we have to welcome and celebrate this day with our sincere offering and sincere devotion. (22-027, 1969.01.01)

3. The days that human beings long to celebrate more than any other are not the days when they

were born or when they married. Nor is it the independence day of their nation or the day when their nation recovered its independence previously lost to another nation. God’s Day and Parents’ Day are the days that humankind truly longs for and supremely hopes to celebrate. Those days had only been hoped for, but now they are established on earth. Once God’s Day and Parents’ Day were established, they naturally connected to Children’s Day and the Day of All Things. (92-253, 1977.04.18)

4. No one previously living on earth ever witnessed God’s Day or Parents’ Day; neither had anything in the created world. The most important days among the 365 days of the year are God’s Day and Parents’ Day. Through them, any problem can be resolved. These days are the royal days among all days, and the years they were inaugurated are the royal years among all years, among all the years that ever were. (92-253, 1977.04.18)

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Image: True God’s Day 2012 midnight prayer and motto in Today’s World Magazine for January-February 2012

Note about references. Each reference indicates the volume and page number where the ‎passage appears in the series The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (published in the ‎original Korean), plus the date the words were spoken (year, month, day). For example, “92-253, 1977.04.18” indicates that the content from that extract came from Volume 92, page 253, ‎and that the speech was given on April 18, 1977. ‎

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