Founder’s Address at 5th Rally of Hope

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Fifth Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World February 28, 2021 – Cheongshim World Peace Center

Source: PeaceTV

Respected leaders, peace ambassadors, and beloved blessed families both within and without the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community!

Today, we can no longer delay things: this is an occasion on which to renew our resolve. Human history and civilizations have developed along rivers. Though 5,000 long years have passed since the Egyptian civilization flourished centered on the River Nile, Egypt today possesses a cultural heritage that is like a miracle. They were aware that life on earth was short and sought to be as close as possible to Heaven, with the hope that they might live forever in the eternal world. As a result, their heritage shows how much devotion they invested for that.

I am sure you all know about this: the largest pyramid erected in the middle of the desert is as tall as a 44-storey skyscraper. You cannot but wonder where and how, 5,000 years ago, they found those huge stones that weighed almost 2.5 tons each and how they moved them to the desert to erect what is now an incredible, historical heritage site. Their concern, however, was solely for how to receive Heaven’s compassion. Though it was a huge kingdom, they placed more importance on the temple than the royal palace and prayed for a way to move closer to Heaven through the pyramids for the sake of future generations. Though fallen people may not have known why they had fallen, what is clear is that they always lived with a heart of reverence for Heaven.

The Creator created all things in heaven and on earth and created a man and a woman who were to become the first human ancestors. They were to grow to maturity and perfection of heart, and then receive the Marriage Blessing, on the basis of which God would dwell with them. In other words, the Creator desired to become the Parent of humanity. As a result of the Fall of man, however, this did not happen. Ever since, human history has been one of war, conflict, and pain, a history of indescribable difficulties. And now, we are seeing so many occurrences that increasingly threaten human life. One of these is COVID-19.

The natural disasters happening around the world result from humanity’s ignorance. Since the only way to guard His principles of creation and correct what had gone wrong was through men and women who, among all humankind, have perfected their love, God chose the people of Israel as His chosen people and, over four-thousand long years, the providential history of salvation and restoration through indemnity unfolded.

When Israel was under the occupation of the Roman Empire, its people most probably prayed for God to send them the Messiah who would guide and liberate them from this pain. Finally, God sent Jesus Christ, His only begotten son, the Messiah who could accomplish this promise. Sadly, however, Mary, the religious leaders, and the people did now know Jesus’ true identity. Though God had sent them the Messiah they had so longed for, they could not recognize him. Jesus, who had lost all his support, had no choice but to go the way of the cross. As he hung on the cross, he resolved to return and conduct the marriage supper of the lamb.

If the religious leaders and the people of Israel had accepted Jesus as the Messiah and formed an environment through which he could emerge as the True Parent, then as it was said, the vast Roman empire stretched out across the world; the Roman Empire would have been unified, and a new history centered on Heavenly Parent would have unfolded. Sadly, that did not happen. When a people whom God has blessed and given responsibility are unable to fulfill that responsibility, only indemnity is left.

It was the apostles, resurrected through the Holy Spirit, that began Christianity. After Christianity was recognized in the Roman Empire in 313, the faith spread across the continent of Europe and reached the island nation of Great Britain. Great Britain then began expanding its empire to the world across the seas. That is why there was a saying that the sun never sets on the British Empire.

Alongside these developments, several nations in Europe along with Britain began mission work around the world. Unfortunately, however, they also did not properly know God. They did not know Jesus’ true nature. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” [Matthew 22:39]. However, some of those who went to other lands thought more about the interests of their own nations. Finally, the era of the Atlantic civilization opened. It spread throughout the world. but it ended up as a civilization that took from others. You can know this through visiting the museums in Great Britain today.

The Industrial Revolution and advances in science may have brought peace to humankind, but people became enslaved to a materialistic civilization. In the process, many problems arose. Christianity also made a lot of mistakes. How could communism, which proclaims God is dead, arise from Christianity that was serving God? This was the fault of human beings. God is almighty and powerful. He is the beginning and end. Hence, He could not stop His providential work.

God sent His only begotten Son but as He had been unable to send His only begotten Daughter, He chose a people through whom He could send her. He chose an oriental country with courteous people, in this case the Korean people.

Many problems arose because Christianity imposed a faith that was based on a man-made system. Since people felt this was wrong, it led to the Reformation. Thus, the Puritans, desiring more than anything else to freely practice their faith and serve God, left Europe. Their migration led to the establishment of the United States.

God blessed the United States as a Protestant nation and desired that it prepare the environment to welcome the returning Lord. How sorrowful God must have been whenever the United States wavered from this original intention. Yet as it was the purpose He had been preparing for, God could not fail to bring it about one day.

It is true that people suffered tremendous material loss and loss of mental well-being during the course of World War I. Amid such circumstances God made preparations, and the providence for the birth of His only begotten Daughter, who can bring the 6,000-year long history of God’s providence to a conclusion, unfolded. Jesus died on the cross, and he said he would return and conduct the marriage supper of the lamb. The returning Messiah must therefore meet his counterpart, God’s only begotten Daughter. Without God’s only begotten Daughter, the Messiah’s vision cannot be realized.

At a certain time, Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule, but was divided between the North and the South due to the Soviet Union and the Allied Forces. It was a division between democracy and communism. If the United States had known of God’s providence back then, things could have taken a different turn. God saved His only begotten Daughter from danger and protected democratic South Korea. Sixteen member countries of the United Nations—which was established at a difficult time of chaos and confusion around the world—fought in the Korean War. This was possible because the representative of the Soviet Union, a founding member of the UN, failed to attend the United Nations Security Council meeting that authorized this. How could this happen? It was truly a miracle.

Knowing God’s providence, True Parents, who emerged in 1960, stood in the most desperate position of having to continue to carry out God’s providence in the absence of a supporting environment. It was amid such urgent circumstances that we saw how the United States—the representative free democratic nation of the world that holds a position similar to that which the Roman Empire held in front of the people of Israel—was being swayed by communism. We could not let that happen and so we moved to the United States and worked to revive that nation.

Through this, many young people in the United States joined the Unification Movement, and we dispatched many of them as missionaries around the world in 1975. To this day, they are still working everywhere with unwavering loyalty to God. They are now in their 70s and 80s. As the True Parents, we must realize Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s hope to have all 7.8 billion people of the world come to know and serve our Heavenly Parent. While True Parents are still alive, therefore, this is a critical point in time when we must work together to solve all the difficult problems. This can no longer be delayed.

That is why it is essential that all people know of Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s hope to have all 7.8 billion people of the world recognize that Heavenly Parent is their parent, and that True Parents are the ones who are to help them go in front of Heavenly Parent and be reborn. Those blessed families that have received the Marriage Blessing from True Parents must become true children of Heavenly Parent. Then 6,000 years of ignorance and lack of loyalty to God will be erased, and, one by one, all things of the natural world that have been destroyed due to human ignorance will be restored to their original state. You must let people know that this can only be done while True Parents are still on earth.

As the True Parent, I am constantly striving to create an environment that I can show to all of humanity and say, “This Cheonwon Complex is what the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would look like, where people dwell with Heavenly Parent as their parent.” Yesterday, while leaving the Buheung Department Store [newly opened at the training center], a young girl joyfully exclaimed that she was seeing for the first time in nine years. Looking at how happy she was upon seeing me so close, I could not but think of the 7.8 billion people and how regretful they would feel, when they go to the spirit world, over not knowing that the True Parents had come to earth, and how the True Parents have paved the way to bring about a world of peace. And so, dear leaders, UPF peace ambassadors, and blessed families as well as members around the world, this is why I can no longer delay the advance of Heavenly Parent’s providence. At this very moment, today, I need your new resolve and determination.

I have said that the Korean people are a people chosen by God. Though the two Koreas are still divided, we dream of a heavenly unified Korea. This dream will absolutely come to pass. The Korean people will unite and become one, and, riding the powerful wave of heavenly civilization through the Asia Pacific Civilization, we will loudly sound the trumpet announcing to all five oceans and six continents the birth of the True Parents, and that Heavenly Parent is the parent of humankind. I call upon you to press on from this moment until all 7.8 billion people of the world can kneel and offer gratitude and glory to our Heavenly Parent.

Original article: True Parents’ Message at the Fifth Rally of Hope, March 7, 2021 (accessed 22/3/2021)

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