Actualizing One Family of Humankind in Peace

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True Mother’s Message at the 2nd One Million People Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World, which was hold on 8.11 by the heavenly calendar (Sep. 27, 2020), at Cheongshim Peace World Center

Respected former and current heads of state, leaders from all walks of life, religious leaders and blessed families who are all urgently seeking to bring about the completion of the providence under the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.

We are approaching the season of the Chuseok holiday [Korean harvest festival]. In just four days we will celebrate this most important holiday. As a people of an agrarian culture, the Korean people revered Heaven. On this autumn holiday, they expressed their gratitude to Heaven for blessing them with an abundant harvest from their year-long labor in the fields, and paid their respects to their ancestors. Our people share this very beautiful custom wherein parents and siblings come together, gaze at the full moon, and share love with one another for the complete reign of peace in the family.

When can we, humanity, return to that original place? Unpredictable natural disasters are arising all over the world, and the coronavirus pandemic is still worsening. We are all worried that it will not come to an end this year. 

A Time to Awaken to Heaven’s Warning

Human history has been a history of conflict and war as a result of egoism and self-centered greed unrelated to God, our Creator. And to this day, wars continue to be waged. The human race, however, must return to its original position. In order to do so, all people need to realize that God, the Creator and Center of this universe, wishes to become the Parent of humanity.

This year, the world has suffered from not only the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic, but also from climate change repercussions such as localized monsoons and flooding, strong typhoons, landslides and forest fires. We absolutely need the sun, water, and air to maintain life. We may be living more comfortably thanks to the development of civilization and science, but we did not foresee these calamities. With the increase of carbon dioxide and air pollution, I feel deeply concerned about whether our beloved children will be able to live healthy lives in the future.

People alive in the present time must put aside their greed, which leads to division and prevents all people from uniting together. If we are to pick countries that suffered the most harm this year, they might be the United States and China. Then, what should be done? A leader that loves his or her people will have to listen to Heaven’s voice to prevent further loss of life or damage to property from taking place, as there is no way these things can be solved by human power alone.

From the perspective of the flow of creation, scientific development has become unbalanced. The created natural world continues to live according to the circular laws of creation. This means it should not be interrupted by human beings. The future of humanity and that of the earth cannot be guaranteed if humankind remains in the position of having lost its original value and in a position of ignorance. I cannot look as God continuously waits and endures to see that day. Leaders of the world must kneel down and listen to Heaven’s voice.

Originally, people—who were free from the Fall—were created to be eternal. The Creator is our Parent. However, people have fallen to a position where they can no longer go to their Parent. Hence, I sincerely hope that we can come to our senses even now, and are able to find our Parent. Only by meeting our Parent can we have a future, and this earth have a future. I heard that 40 percent of our Earth is experiencing desertification. This is truly heart-breaking, as the air supply, the most essential element for life, is under threat. Hence, I would like to say the following to China, which is home 1.3 billion people:

China needs to realize how great a blessing it would be if this nation, with its huge population and land, can turn the Gobi Desert into forest using scientific techniques, investing significantly for the reclamation of the desert.   

The day when all nations become children of our Heavenly Parent, the Creator, is the day when we can truly become one family of humanity that attends Heavenly Parent. The day will come when all 200 or so nations will live happily with one another as brothers and sisters under their Heavenly Parent. When all leaders and all people in the world begin to listen to Heaven’s voice, when they become aligned like sunflowers facing the sun, and usher in the day when everyone truly becomes one family of peace, then all problems will be solved.

Think about it. All nations are investing astronomical amounts of money in armaments to protect their own countries. If one-tenth of that money could be used for the people, and nations consequently became prosperous, would any of these countries think of waging war? If countries can become prosperous even without going to war, would there be any need to be greedy at the risk of people’s lives? God has given us a final warning more than once. This cannot be delayed any further. People must realize this.

Preservation of the Natural Environment Is Our Duty as Heavenly Parent’s Children

During the Korean Chuseok holiday, the Korean people watch the full moon together, and revere Heaven. Siblings living far apart also come together and express their gratitude to Heaven and to their parents. It is a time when the entire neighborhood comes together as well. If such a world, with no anxiety and worry, isn’t the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, what could be? I say it one more time: Heaven created this beautiful earth for us. Please remember that the day when all people, who until now have been undutiful as a result of the Fall, repent from a position where they attend Heaven, and begin to make effort to regain their original state, will be the day when true peace is realized and one family of humankind established.

I ask of the following of the United States: There is no doubt that God has blessed the United States. However, this was not a blessing for the United States alone. Heaven desired to embrace all of humanity through the foundation of the United States. The United States today, which stands on the Christian foundation, must become a nation that attends Heavenly Parent. How can some people, out of human ignorance, think of abandoning the earth, and moving into space? It is our duty as Heavenly Parent’s children to restore the earth we are living in to the original state in which it was created at the beginning, by mobilizing all the capacities of science.

When we think of the Creator, our Heavenly Parent, we must love nature. When I walked through the garden in Cheon Jeong Gung in the past, I rarely saw bees or butterflies. So I planted a garden, and grew flowers. After that, they began appearing, and now there are many different kinds of bees finding nectar in the garden. You cannot imagine how much I had waited for this to happen! Through this work of nature, I could see how people’s thoughts could change, their ignorance overcome. Until now, we have not taken good care of nature. Even though the season has changed, and it is quite chilly in the mornings and evenings, bees continue to work hard. It is my sincerest hope that all of you, together with the leaders, can work together to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, where all countries live in joy and harmony with nature.

By 2050, the population of 7.7 billion people in our world is expected to increase to 10 billion. Yet, the area of land where people can live is also gradually decreasing as a result of climate change. It is now time to put aside all greed, and, as original sons and daughters, restore this beautiful earth before it is too late. Hence, until the day Heavenly Parent can say, “How much have I waited for this day! Thank you so much!”, I sincerely ask you one more time to continue doing your best.

[Korean editor’s note: Original Korean proofread by CheonwonSa publishers co.]

Source: accessed 7 October 2020

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