51st Anniversary 777 couples blessing 21 October

777 couples Blessing 21 October 1970
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Excerpt from Cheong Seong Gyeong (2014)

The Blessings of 777, 1800, 6000 and 6500 couples

  1. The history of the large wedding ceremonies starts with the 3 couples, and then continues to the 36 couples, the 72 couples, the 124 couples, the 430 couples, the 777 couples and the 1800 couples. We are now living in an era in which the gates have been opened so that any nation in the world can enter the realm of God’s Blessing. I therefore held Blessings for international couples with the United States, Germany and Japan as the main nations. Through the Blessing of the 777 couples in 1970, the time finally came in which any nation could come within the realm of God’s providence. (84-148, 1976.02.22)
  2. In the 1970s there was a great mobilization. Blessed families from more than ten nations were called to Korea for the restoration of Canaan. They were called to Korea and gathered together as one. It started with the Blessing of the 777 couples. (69-298, 1974.01.01)
  3. With the Blessing of 777 couples, we entered the era of marriage that transcends race. Thus the Unification Church is not a church centered only on Korea. Through the Blessing of 777 couples, I have already laid the national foundation by connecting the people of the world together. This Blessing marks the beginning of a new era transcending races and tribes in which a new nation of the world can be formed. From that time, the Unification Church began its work worldwide. (100-174, 1978.10.14)
  4. I have already opened the gates to the kingdom of heaven for all tribes in Korea. These gates must not be blocked. The gates cannot be closed, because universal love rooted in God, is the love of the whole. All the gates must therefore remain open. Everything expands from there, from the 430 couples and then the 777 couples. Through them we can stand on the world level. We are going beyond the national stage and entering the world stage. (291-295, 1998.03.18)
  5. The fact that the Blessing has been given signifies that the realm of heavenly lineage has come into existence on the earth springing from the True Parents. Many tribes are included in that realm. With Korea as the center, all kinds of tribes are incorporated within that realm. The gates to that realm were opened through the Blessings of the 430 and 777 couples. (164-166, 1987.05.14)

Source: Sunhak History Institute – Cheon Seong Gyeong (2014)

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