This week in history 19-25 December

Top photo: Former President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid, met with True Father at the World Summit of Muslim Leaders.

December 20, 1970
Tongil Segye begins publication

The church headquarters first published the monthly magazine Tongil Segye on December 20, 1970. Its registration number at the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Public Information was Ra 1388. True Father congratulated them on publishing Tongil Segye and wrote its name (統一世界) in calligraphy. As the monthly magazine of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, Tongil Segye has featured pictures from major events, True Parents’ messages, feature articles, interviews and reports, church news, and articles contributed by members. In doing so, it has been leading the culture of heart that the Unification Church aims to realize. Its current issue is the 524th, and it has a standing history of 45 years. (Courtesy of the History Compilation Committee.) 

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This week in history 12-18 December

Top photo: True Father speaks at the IRFWP conference.

December 13, 2004
Fifth Crown of Peace Ceremony held

The Unification Church conducted six major “Peace King” coronations, also referred to as “crown of peace” ceremonies, from 2003-05. These were undertaken as sequels to the January 13, 2001 “Coronation of God’s Kingship” and held for the purpose of substantiating “heavenly kingship” on earth.

The first of these was a coronation of Jesus as “King of Peace” in Jerusalem as part of the Middle East Peace Initiative on December 22, 2003. This was followed by a second coronation of Jesus in Washington, D.C. on February 4, 2004 at which time crowns also were presented to True Parents represented by their son Hyun Jin and his wife. A third crown of peace coronation of True Parents was conducted at the Dirksen Senate Office Building on March 23, 2004. A fourth “crown of peace” coronation was conducted in the Korean National Assembly Library on August 20, 2004.

Afterwards, True Father directed that the Unification Church conduct blessing registration and “crown of peace” ceremonies in forty nations and on all six continents by the end of 2004. This culminated in a fifth “crown of peace” ceremony in Washington, D.C. on December 13, 2004. True Father delivered his speech, “Our Mission in the Last Days of Providential History” to more than 3,400 leaders from around the world. A sixth and final “crown of peace” ceremony was conducted at Cheong Pyeong Lake in Korea on February 14, 2005.

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