The Meaning of the Trinity

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3

Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
January 3, 1958

I formed trinities, but you probably do not really understand their heavenly value. You understand the meaning of the word “restoration” through the Divine Principle. What are you going to restore? What did Jesus have to restore on the earth? What was the central responsibility of Jesus in the dispensation of restoration? It was restoring the number which was lost in Adam’s family. Jesus came to the earth with the mission to restore this.

The Meaning of the Number Which Appeared in the History of the Dispensation of Restoration

In Adam’s family there were three sons and their spouses, eight people in all. God had to carry on the dispensation for 1,600 years to restore these eight members of the family. Moreover, He chose Noah and raised eight members of Noah’s family to continue the will of the dispensation for 120 years.

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