Let Us Climb over the Hill of Historical Misfortune

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3

Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
January 19, 1958
Matthew 23:27-39


Please forgive us for not having felt the love when we came before the Father’s throne. Please forgive us for not have exerted ourselves for the sake of the world.

Please allow our hearts to feel sorrow when we fathom the Father’s course of tribulations. Please allow our hearts to feel hardships. Please let us become the sons and daughters who can feel the pain.

We know that we have not become these sons and daughters. Father of love, please allow us to possess the life of Heaven in this hour. We are sons and daughters who have survived and gathered here in search of Heaven. Even if we cannot stand before the Father because of all our sins, we have fallen down prostrate, observing the blessed grace of the Father who built the altar of blood while fighting for 6,000 years. Please forgive us.

Based on this, my beloved Father, I pray earnestly that You will allow our minds to bring joy to the Father. Allow our bodies to bring joy to the Father. Please let us offer all of this hour as the Father’s own.

Please penetrate into each of our hearts now, and allow us to search for the purpose of the demand and center of the desire found deep in our hearts. If we have some selfishness, please allow us to be awakened to ourselves and realize we have not established the center of Heaven before the will of the dispensation. Please guide us so that we can examine ourselves and not violate the will of Heaven.

Please let the desperate heart of adoration be the only thing that fills the minds and bodies of Your sons and daughters who have gathered here. Let this be the heart which will enable us to admit we are sinners, to prostrate ourselves before You and to report everything frankly. Let us repent in tears before the Father.

My Father, I earnestly wish that, by doing so, You will let the work of resurrection take place centering on that mind. We have prostrated ourselves before the knees of the Father, Who has been guiding us until this hour today. We know that the conditions of the appeals we make here are not all conditions of loyalty. Father, please let us open the gates to our hearts and be immersed in the will of Heaven. Please allow us to be embraced in Your bosom of love. By doing so, we wish that You will let us experience the Father’s heart and emerge as the glorious ones for which the Father hopes.

Although we have come together now as individuals, the whole gathering must become one live offering before the Father. Even if our historical enemy, Satan, envies us and is obstructing us, Father of love, we earnestly beseech You to protect our sincere hearts, which long to be the Father’s children.

Today is a holy day, so please bless these people. Drive us on, we who have come forward to save these people who are so ignorant of their path. Let us win victory in the last battle of restoration in the Last Days and become the central people who fulfill the will of Heaven.

Father, please take charge of everything this hour. Is there something about which we are knowledgeable? Father of love, we pray You will let us forsake everything this hour and offer all as the Father’s own.

We know that today there are many sons and daughters who are making lonesome appeals to the Father in the countryside. Wishing that You will work with them wherever they are with equal grace and bestow a great blessing, I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the speech I want to briefly reflect upon with you is “Let Us Climb Over the Hill of Historical Misfortune.” I will speak briefly on this topic.

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Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 5

Matthew 7:7-8
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
January 18, 1950


Compassionate Father, since we have again come in Your presence with wounds and injured souls from the past week, we sincerely request that You spread Your loving hands, embrace our bodies and minds, and grant Your words of love and admonition to our hearts. Father, on this third holy day of the new year, let our hearts stay in Your shimjung. Let our bodies be embraced in Your bosom.

Beloved Father, we sincerely desire that You allow us to share joy with You this year, to live in the realm of Your hope, and to fight against Satan, representing You. As we come to understand Your historical course as You sought us with Your ideal, love, life and glory of goodness, we cannot help confessing openly that we are a shameful tribe in sight of You. We sincerely desire and hope, Father, You will not rescind Your heart of goodness and that You come to us and admonish us. Allow us to understand that this is the time when life and death are hovering over each of our lives, and we hang in the balance.

We have realized that we should become living sacrifices who offer their minds and bodies to You. Since we know that at this time we must consecrate our current lives from our lives of the past, Father, we earnestly desire and hope that we can offer our entire bodies and minds to You at this time and receive Your acknowledgment once again.

If You look at us with great expectation, we can only disappoint You. Yet based on our historical, blood relationship with You, please forgive us and personally visit us at this time. Although our strength falls short, we have prostrated ourselves before You to become one and fight against Satan. We hope that our pleas and bows can be pleasing to You. Since we know that, unless You deal with us directly, we all will be dragged away to Satan, we sincerely desire and hope that You will directly dominate us at this time.

Please personally admonish and command Your sons and daughters who are gathered here. We know that we must take the responsibility to fight for the sake of Heaven. Father, now the beloved young sons and daughters are living together in Your presence. Please allow them to experience the shimjung of Heaven and to understand the footsteps of those who have worked to fulfill Your Will. Furthermore, Father, we sincerely hope and desire that by letting them see the battles Your sons and daughters have fought, You will make them the sons and daughters who can understand heavenly things, the sons and daughters Heaven cannot forsake for all of eternity.

They have the responsibility to find the brothers and sisters who are scattered in all directions. We know that many of Your sons and daughters are piling up desperate prayers upon bloody altars in hiding, yet they are being trampled upon. Please look after them. Since we know that You gathered them to bestow the heavenly mission upon them, Father, separate them eternally from the satanic world and embrace them forever. Please allow them to become complete by fulfilling the responsibility of priests in charge of Your glorious altar.

Father, we cannot repay Your blessing nor do we have anything to give You. Father, you have taught us to pity and befriend the lonely and to forgive the sinful. Please forgive us, and do not abandon us in such a position. We sincerely hope and desire this.

Father, you know our hearts. Since You know that there are sons and daughters in lonely places struggling with longing for You, have pity on all because of them. They must be hoping for Your forgiveness and guidance at this time, so we sincerely hope and desire that You grant them blessing after blessing and outstretch Your compassionate hand.

Father, bless the countless numbers of slumbering people. Bless the nation of thirty million, which is in deep lamentation. Bless the Korean churches, fighting in a myriad of factions, not knowing the correct way. Make them raise the flag of life. Make them the children who can accept heavenly admonition, even the crack of Your whip. We sincerely hope for this.

Whether we come or go, we are responsible to become sacrifices. Guide us to understand the shimjung with which You give us such a responsibility. With humanistic thinking, we often do not welcome such a life of sacrifice. Guide us to understand the responsibility of overcoming all such conditions and to go on today, tomorrow, ten years from now, and even up the hill of death. Please allow us never to become exhausted, frustrated or hesitant until we have walked the path to the end. Father, we sincerely desire this.

Please personally receive our bows today. Since we know that the lonely brothers and sisters in the country are deeply praying on their knees without pastors at this time, please guide us not to betray their tearful prayers and sincerity. Father, we earnestly hope and desire this.

We sincerely ask You to make us a people who can communicate heart to heart and shimjung to shimjung; who can handle everything and share Your concerns. We hope that You will fill the remaining hour with Your guidance. We pray in the name of the Lord.

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Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3

Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
January 12, 1958
Matthew 8:18-22


Father of love, I have come with words of truth in this hour. Please let the heart of the giver and the hearts of the receivers become one. Father, we wish for You to allow us to become one in heart and will so that when the Father stops, we stop. When the Father moves, we move.

Please allow us to feel the heart of Jesus, who was concerned about the faithless land of that time, comforted the sorrowful heart of God and felt heartbroken himself. On that foundation, please let our minds not stagnate in this hour. Let us act after connecting with the heart of the Father and the historical heart of Jesus.

Please allow us to feel the distressed heart of the Father. Let us experience the heart of Jesus Christ, who felt distressed for the salvation of humanity, so that the beloved brothers and sisters who have gathered here can cleanse all the sins of darkness that remain inside their hearts. Beloved Father, we ardently wish and hope for this.

We know that the work of Satan, who is trying to block the grace of the Father, is ahead us. Father, please allow us to escape from the invasion of Satan and be embraced in Your bosom of eternal love by understanding when and from what position comes the grace of the Father. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire and want that even just for this hour You will allow us to feel Your hands of compassion that have not forsaken foolish and inadequate us. You have sought for us while You were leading the dispensation for 6,000 years.

We have entrusted everything in this hour. Wishing earnestly that the Father will personally govern from the very beginning to the very end, I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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God and Humanity Should Live Together

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 5

John 14:6-12
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
January 11, 1959


We cannot help thanking You, Father, for having brought us before the Will and taught us the duties of children and our original value. Please do not let our hearts be our own. Connect them to Yours and make them hearts that can represent Yours. At this time, grant us the ability to feel everything in Your place and to experience the heavenly nature, beyond human nature. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire this.

Father! Having been separated from You, we must meet You again. Make our paths desperate ones. Let us forget all we have and struggle to find the lost Father. We know that we must have an earnest shimjung, earnest loyalty, and perform the actions that arise from such. Please forgive us our shortcomings. Father, please forgive us that, although we should offer utmost loyalty to You, we have not been single-minded enough.

Father, today is the second holy day of the new year. Allow us to start with a new determination. We have realized that our hearts must become one before You. Father, we must be grasped by You. Please come and soothe our hearts and embrace our bodies. Father, we sincerely desire this.

Since we know we must be offered as a living sacrifice before You, from this time on, please allow us to be offered as such. Today is a holy day. Please bless all the people on the earth, the thirty million people of this nation and the numerous churches. Please specially embrace the lonely brothers and sisters across the country who must be making tearful pleas with heavenly sorrow on this day. They are in lonely places because of the heavenly Will. Since they know the heavenly shimjung and situation, they are fighting for the sake of that. Hence, please embrace them with the same grace at this time. We sincerely desire it.

Father, since Your sons and daughters who have been fighting across the country are gathered this Sunday to make a new determination and resolution, to take up arms anew, please allow them to experience the traces of Your glory in this workshop with their bodies and minds. We sincerely pray that You will bless us to possess the heavenly staff to bear witness to the value that has manifested compassion before the whole of creation.

We are trying to gather our hearts and bow to You at this time. Although we are unworthy, please come here, receive it, and embrace us. We sincerely pray that You will admonish us with the hidden grace of life. Since we have the responsibility to save the people moaning under the forces of darkness, Father, please guide us to embrace them day and night and to struggle against the forces of darkness. We sincerely ask You to allow us to realize the responsibility to offer life and become sacrifices for their sake and to inherit that mission with our pledge to You. We entrust everything to You. Please lead us as You wish. We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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Jesus’ View of Life for the Sake of the Restoration

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 2

January 6, 1957
Former Church Headquarters, Seoul, Korea
Matthew 6:16-34


Father, we thank You for having protected us in the past year. Now, as we greet the first week of the new year, this hour is the time for us to offer a full bow before You with joyous hearts.

From this hour on, we want to change our direction from being inadequate and insufficient in the past. We want to sanctify our minds and bodies as the Father wishes and fully bow, humbly and meekly, before You. Beloved Father, please receive us.

If there are any inappropriate principles and subjective opinions in our minds toward You, please eradicate them. If there are any blemishes in our bodies caused by Satan’s encroachment, please burn them with the fire of Your sacred spirit, and forgive us with the grace of compassion. Please sanctify us to transform ourselves into the original characters You created and to become sons and daughters who can receive the Father’s love of joy. Father, I pray this with a most sincere heart.

Father, please let the grace of holiness be connected to us from this day on. Let the power that can subjugate Satan be manifested through us. Please guide us to move our minds and bodies to harmonize with all creation in heaven and earth and to be able to please the Father in heaven. I pray sincerely that You will lead this gathering of ours to be the true gathering for which You wish.

Now the time has come for us to pour out all of our souls and to realize the love concealed within the Father. The time has come for the Father’s dispensational work of 6,000 years to be manifested. Father, please allow Your sons and daughters gathered here to stand in a sanctified position of their own accord. Please allow them to be the children who can fathom the heart of Moses who, with sanctified authority from the Father, separated the Red Sea with the staff the Father gave. Father, I pray with utmost sincerity.

Father, please bestow Your blessing upon the thirty million people of this nation in this year, and let the glory and love of the Father hover over the numerous denominations gathering for the sake of this people. Allow the work of the dispensation promised to Your unknown sons and daughters to be unfolded so that the 3,000-ri peninsula of Korea can quickly become a garden of victory. Father, I offer this wish from the depth of my heart: that You will guide these people, who have been asleep, to return glory to the Father and to be able to do the work of the restorational dispensation in heaven and earth.

Father, we desperately desire that You will allow us to have sincere hearts like those of the underground faithful believers of the past and to move the many denominations to awaken the thirty million people. I also pray that You will allow us to mobilize these people to awaken the 2.4 billion persons of humanity and to establish the garden of original nature as quickly as possible. Father, please sanctify our minds and bodies in this hour with new promises and new rules, and receive us. Please bestow the grace of the happiness of the Father upon us. Please allow promises and responses to be formulated here. I pray that the Father’s hands of protection will be with us for a long time from this time on, so that we can offer ourselves as the sacrifices of victory before the Father.

Father, I sincerely wish and pray that You allow us to become the loyal and pious sons and daughters who can offer their minds and bodies and everything else exclusively to please the Father. There are throngs of people who are scattered throughout the country even today, who hold onto Your words of truth and pray ardently, taking charge of altars in solitude. Please purify them of the elements of Satan. By establishing the Father’s demonstrative power in the face of the forces of darkness, allow them to become the proud children who will manifest the glory of the majestic Father. Beloved Father, I pray and wish this sincerely. Please allow Your sons and daughters to be able to receive the Father’s power of authority everywhere they gather, and protect them from being invaded by Satan.

Father! Please let the Holy Trinity be mobile in this hour, and allow the miracle of glorious resurrection to unfold. Soliciting You to allow the Father’s sacred spirit to overflow in our minds and bodies from the beginning of the hour to the end, I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

I will speak to you briefly on the topic “Jesus’ View of Life for the Sake of the Restoration.”

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