Day of the Victory of Love

Proclaimed 2 January 1984

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1987
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Summary of the First Part

Right after World War II, America had the opportunity to embrace the entire world and bring about the fulfillment of God’s dispensation, but through what happened in Korea, America lost that chance.

At that time, Korean Christians were divided into two camps. The devout Christians who had been opposed to the Japanese were on the Abel side, and those who had compromised their faith, as well as those who had studied in the United States during the war, were on the Cain side. If the Cain camp had united with the Abel camp, God’s new dispensational era would have begun.

But the two camps accused each other as heretics. Those on the Abel side, who had to work underground, considered themselves the only pure Christians. The established Christians, those on the Cain side, accused the underground Christians for harboring the heretical belief in the imminent coming of the Messiah. I was in the position to bring harmony between the two camps, but since my message was that the Messiah must come as a man in the flesh, I was accused by both sides.

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