Australia: Family Peace Festival

By FFWPU Australia

We organized a Family Peace Festival (Interfaith Outing Service) with participation of 58 people (blessed families and guests’ families) at the Auburn Botanic Gardens, Auburn New South Wales, Australia on March 20, 2022. It has always been a tradition in the Sydney Family community to have an outing service for at least every three months to study God’s words, to develop heartistic connection with each other, to celebrate important holidays like Christmas, to enjoy nature, and to enable the children to play together.

And more importantly, the purpose of the outing service is to align with True Mother’s vision to make Sunday Service a Family Peace Festival in order to welcome the public to our Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. The highlight of the service is that the two couples, an Afghanistan couple together with their children, and a Nepalese couple who were both regular UPF members in their home countries are welcomed. They are also preparing to receive the Blessing this 16th April 2022, during the True Parents’ Holy Wedding Anniversary.

Rev John Adamedes, FFWPU Australia National leader, with suggestions from family members, agreed to make this kind of outing service a monthly gathering. The families commented that among the park they had their services in the past, this venue is the best so far. Having three BBQ areas, playground, toilet, mini zoo, and a beautiful Botanic Garden- where the public sacred Holy Ground called ‘Peace Park’ plaque and pillar will be erected soon on this year 2022.

One guest, after listening to the second generation choir and their beautiful songs said: “I want my children to get 100% involved with these youth, it’s really important for them” Another guest said that they will bring their friends at the next gathering.

Source: FFWPU Mission Support