11th Asia-Pacific SungHwa Youth Workshop in Oceania

The Summer workshop for Oceanian Youth to kick-start the year was once again in conjunction with the Asia-Pacific workshop. The workshop was held both online and in-person at Camp Belgrave, a group camp facility in the Dandenong Ranges.

There were 10 main staff members, and 53 total participants: 18 participants at Belgrave, 21 participants in the Solomon Islands and 14 participants joining online.

The lecture topics included filial piety, application of the Divine Principle, the Blessing and achieving Cheon Bo families. The participants had the opportunity to interact with other Blessed Children around the Asia-Pacific region in breakout rooms, as well as have 1:1 sharing with a fellow brother or sister throughout the workshop.

Presentation in main hall at Camp Belgrave

Everyone enjoyed watching video performances dedicated to True Mother, and a highlight for Oceania was coming in 2nd place for BC Got Talent.

There were a variety of activities at Camp Belgrave that everyone enjoyed, including sport activities and a ‘Call to Action’ during which they had to resolve a misunderstanding or lack of expression with someone in their lives by contacting them. A service project to plant native ferns and plants around the area was held as well.

Towards the conclusion of the workshop, staff and participants tested positive for COVID-19 and the stay was extended for another week. It was a time of uncertainty and fear, however together we overcame the difficulties and kept moving forward in faith to care for each other and continue extra lectures, duties and activities.

Youth in the Solomon Islands were involved in fun outdoor games, cleaning and watching movies.

Online, the participants shared their completion of daily challenges on a group chat.

Thank you to all staff and participants for another successful and meaningful workshop. We have much hope for the new year for the participants to fulfil their new determinations and goals.