Unificationist Aspects

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Reverend & Mrs. Moon’s encyclopedia project aims to organize and present human knowledge in ways consistent with our natural purposes. Information and knowledge is intended to support the realization of a peaceful, healthy, and fulfilled life for all people.
One feature is that it’s a place where Unificationist aspects on a number of topics can be foundNew World Encyclopedia articles on…

Buddha The Buddha’s Teachings

Unification aspects on Buddha
(“Unification Aspects” is designed to relate the subject of this article to Unification Thought and to aid teachers and researchers who wish to further pursue these topics from a unification perspective.)

Confucius / Confucianism

Unification aspects on Confucius

Unification aspects on Confucianism

Moses Judaism

Unification aspects on Moses

Unification aspects on Judaism

Jesus Christ Christian teaching – the Gospels

Unification aspects on Jesus

Unification aspects on the Gospels

Muhammad / Islam

Unification aspects on Muhammad

Unification aspects on Islam

Sun Myung Moon Exposition of the Divine Principle (1996)

Unifications aspects on Sun Myung Moon

Unification aspects on Divine Principle