The *M* Word – A “Moonie” No More

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Phillip Schanker
July 2, 2000

Although we have used it in the past with a sense of pride and assertiveness, it is now clear that the term “Moonie” promotes a shallow, dehumanized, and negative stereotype of mindless brainwashed masses who worship “Moon” rather than the Principles he embodies and the living God he led us to. The so-called anti- “cult” movement loves to coin the term repeatedly. Steve Hassan refuses to stop using it, despite numerous requests and legal opinion, such as that of New York City’s Commission on Human Rights, which stated that the term: “is a pejorative, that evokes intolerance and hatred of the Unification Church.” Why would our detractors refuse to stop using a term that promotes prejudice, despite the commitment of major media, such as The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters News Agency and now Fox News,” among others, to refrain from using it? Because they know the image it creates in people’s minds, stripping us of humanity, turning us into cartoon characters, and causing people to forget that we are parents, scoutmasters, PTA members, and most of all, human beings.

Hassan & others justify their continued use of the term by saying that Rev. Moon himself has used it in his speeches. But this is no different than the use of the *N* word by American blacks. It is a term which clearly dehumanizes, belittles and “evokes intolerance and hatred…” when used by others. But its use among some black Americans is not only heartfelt and harmless, it can even be an expression of pride, defiance and camaraderie in the face of a history of prejudice. Father has the “right” to use it, and perhaps so do you and I. But we have determined as an organization that it not only conveys a false image of who we really are by trivializing our respect for and loyalty to Father’s leadership and character as mere idol worship, it is also strategically used by those who consider us enemies to promote that false image and further alienate us from mainstream society.

By the way, the negative impact of the term has been reported to Father, and in discussion he clearly supports our effort to eradicate its use and abuse. I urge all Unificationists to discontinue its flippant use, however innocent, and to confront its abuse by others with the facts. Until we publish detailed position papers later this year, you may contact me for supportive information.

Love, Prayer & Blessings,
Phillip Schanker
VP for Public Affairs, FFWPU-USA

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Notes for news men and women about pejorative term “Moonie”