Unification Views: Birth, Contraception, Abortion

The Tradition, Book One: Chapter 19 Births, Birth Ceremony
by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak



One of the most precious relationships is that experienced between husband and wife. The purpose of God’s creation is love — as a personal experience, not only as a philosophical theory.

As the Principle explains, people encounter three stages of love — parent’s love, spouse’s love, and love for children. We first learn about love as we receive love from our parents. Upon that experience, we climb to the second stage and more completely open ourselves by giving and receiving the love of one person. This love is essential in the process of procreating children as we complete the four position foundation.

Husband and wife have many ways to express love to each other, but the most precious is the intimate marriage relationship. Heavenly Father is always involved in the giving and receiving of this love. Even though in the fall love was taken and completely dominated by Satan’s false control, it is still in accord with the Principle that God is present to some extent in every giving and receiving action.

When husband and wife generate real harmony, God wants to work with them. Unlike animal sexuality, conjugal love relationships among humans are not simply for the purpose of procreation. The love human beings can experience in conjugal communion is extremely precious and meaningful. As it develops, love becomes deeper and deeper.

In this sense, all new life relates directly to God. God’s involvement in the love shared between a husband and wife can produce a child. Thus we can say that God is our Parent. A child’s life is precious to the parents because the child is a living testimony of their love. God and the child are actually both special participants in the love relationship.

According to the Principle, any kind of intimate relationship without the participation of one’s spouse is unthinkable and totally against the original ideal of God. Spouses are to reach complete unity centering on true love. They would never be tempted by other people because they have the potential to feel complete fulfillment of love in their marriage.

Unification Church View on Contraception

Father has made several references to birth control in various speeches to blessed couples. Father views the creation of each new child as a most precious event which will bring eternal blessings. Father views children as a blessing which we would not want to deny God or ourselves. However, he does not stress a negative attitude by considering the use of birth control a sin. Theologically, within the blessed marriage the Unification Church considers marital relations apart from the purpose of procreation as holy. Artificial forms of birth control, however, are not favored. Blessed couples are encouraged to use the most natural methods of birth control for special circumstances such as health problems.

Father has often encouraged blessed couples not to eternally regret limiting their families but rather to view children as blessings from God.

Unification Church View on Abortion

According to the Unification viewpoint, love and life are incredibly precious and to be valued above all else. God personally attends the creation of new life. The relationship of love between the parents and child is part of the law of the cosmos.

It is our fundamental concern that the order of the cosmos not be interrupted. According to the Principle, the spirit self is not with the embryo in the mother’s womb. The mother’s womb grows only the spirit base, not the spirit itself. Abortion destroys that spirit base; therefore, the Unification view is that abortion cuts the relationship this unborn child has with God and God’s divine love.

When Abortion Is Not Acceptable for Unification Church Members.

Economic situation. We do not have the authority to interrupt the physical order of the cosmos based on lack of finances. Economic considerations can never be compared with the value of life. We cannot presuppose God’s will. Perhaps God has special plans for that particular child to influence future history.

If a couple has financial problems, it is their responsibility to exercise the most natural methods of birth control.

Lack of harmony. Abortion should also not be considered if couples feel that their relationship at the time of conception was not very loving.

When Abortion Is Acceptable for Unification Church Members.

Mother’s health endangered. If carrying a child full term endangers the mother’s health, abortion is acceptable. The life of the mother is considered more precious because she does possess a spirit, whereas only the spirit base has formed in an embryo. In this sense, we do not view abortion as a sin, as it relates not to a violation of the spirit self but the physical life.

It is important to ask what one’s doctor would do if he or she needed to choose between saving the mother or child due to complications at childbirth. According to the view contained within the Principle, the mother should always be saved because, again, she is the only one of the two beings possessing a spirit body. The Principle explains that it is essential to have a physical body for the spiritual body to grow. As mentioned earlier, while in the womb, the child does not have a spiritual body; God imparts the spirit with the first breath.

Child’s health endangered. If certain tests (e.g., amniocentesis or chronic samples) confirm that the unborn child has irreversible deformities that would seriously inhibit life (i.e., spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, etc.) it is appropriate to abort; however, the decision rests with the parents.

Abortion is appropriate if the child was conceived through rape, incest, or any circumstance involving a break in the spiritual order.

Unification Church View on Circumcision

The Unification Church takes the position that there is no spiritual reason for circumcision. It is not the customary practice in many nations throughout the world, although Western hospitals offer the option of circumcising male children. Medical reasons given for the practice usually relate to hygiene; however, recent studies question that justification.

Since there is no spiritual reason to do this, many members have chosen not to circumcise; however, this decision should be made by the parents themselves. Throughout the church as a whole, there is a strong tradition not to circumcise.

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SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court of the United States of America on Friday 24 June eliminated the constitutional right to obtain an abortion, casting aside 49 years of precedent that began with Roe v. Wade.

This is an important decision of particular intererest for people of faith and there are diverse views. The Unificationist view of FFWPU (now also known as Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community) was published in The Tradition, Book One in 1993. An excerpt from chapter 19 on birth, contraception, and circumcision is here.

In Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda’s True Love, Sex, and Health as Guided by the Words of True Parents (2009), Masuda ‘expresses openness to “morning-after” pills and even “RU486” abortion pills in the case of rape. […]

‘Unificationists certainly agree with Roman Catholicism as to the sanctity of marriage and the centrality of the family in God’s providential design. At the same time, Unificationism resonates with Protestantism as to the primacy of conscience. Rev. Moon was uncompromising in emphasizing, “Conscience before teacher, conscience before parents, conscience before God.” This elevates human dignity and enhances humanity’s role as “co-creators.”’

(Dr. Michael Mickler, “Where does Unificationism stand on birth control“, Applied Unificationism, 2018)

God’s Will Which We Must Untangle

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6

Matthew 10:34-39 & Matthew 18:15-20

June 14, 1959, Former Church Headquarters


Father, we know that Your ideal of creating the original garden and embracing the original true children with the original heart never appeared on this earth. Please forgive humanity. We have not sung to You with our original hearts from the time we were seized by death until today.

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My New Self and the Heaven Where My New Self Can Dwell

John 3:1-15

Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6

June 14, 1959, Former Church Headquarters


As we persevere on the difficult path of life, we know well that we are immersed in a sorrowful situation. We know that many painful circumstances lie ahead of us. We know that we have not the heart which can sing in sheer happiness when we face Heavenly Father, this land, and humanity. Father! Please have mercy on us. We have been worn out by sorrow and hardships. We have struggled without even knowing in what direction to go. Please hold onto those of us who have wandered, not knowing on whom to lean. Father, we feel how wonderful and great is Your amazing grace, yet we are unable to return glory to You. Please forgive us.

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Condolences to Uvalde, Texas (USA)

The world is mourning two teachers and nineteen 4th grade children killed in a mass shooting at the Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, USA on May 24. Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed our nation’s grief :

“My heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the horrific shootings in Uvalde, Texas.

“To the classmates, the parents, the teachers, and to the community changed forever, Australia is grieving with you.”

~ Senator Penny Wong, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

FFWPU Co-Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon expressed her concern about elementary school shootings in USA during a rally speech in Las Vegas on 5 June, 2021:

“Today, I would like to warn America.

“God blessed America and America must, therefore, fulfill its responsibility. America cannot repeat the mistake of going against Heaven’s will. The Puritan fathers understood the importance of the family in serving God. However, what is the reality of today’s families in America? How is it possible that teenagers in schools and communities – even elementary school students – are being killed in school shootings? America’s politicians need to provide answers.

“In the Bible, it says “they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks…but they shall all sit under their own vines.” However, is it necessary for citizens of America, the world’s superpower, to own and carry guns? Should we simply observe a situation where innocent lives are being taken for no reason? I believe the time has come for America, especially for the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) – America’s Christian ministers – to take a stand for peace.”

In a meeting with FFWPU leaders in Las Vegas, 8 June 2021, Dr Hak Ja Han Moon said:

“Another serious issue is gun ownership. Last time I also asked why American citizens need to own guns. We must be very clear about this. It’s not easy to build a peaceful country founded on democracy but instead we are building a country where its people kill one another. How can this be? I cannot believe it. There should be rules when it comes to managing guns. If there is someone who wants to hunt, that person should not own a gun in his home. Governments should be responsible for guns, and they should lend guns to those who wish to hunt.”

Top photo credit: Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas (USA) website.