This week in history April 18 to 24

Rev. Young Hwi Kim Joins the Movement

April 20, 1955

Rev. Young Hwi Kim (b. 1928), who with his wife were one of the original three couples engaged by True Parents prior to their own Holy Wedding, joined the Unification movement on  April 20, 1955. He had studied electrical engineering at Seoul National University and joined the first class of Korea’s Special Air Force Academy in 1953. He subsequently served the Unification movement in various leadership positions over the last sixty years.  Following Rev. Hyo Won Eu’s passing in 1970, he became the second president of the Korean Unification movement. He was the lecturer at the first Divine Principle workshop in the United States overseen by True Parents and author of The Divine Principle Study Guide, Part 1. He served as a regional leader representing True Parents in several European countries and as their envoy to the United Kingdom. In 2013, Rev. Kim represented True Mother in a five-city U.S. revival tour. He also served as director of the Cheon Seong Gyeong project in Korea.

More events this week in history, April 18-24:

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61st Anniversary of the establishment of Parents’ Day

True Parents cheering

2021 April 12

On April 12, 2021, Unificationists commemorate the 61st True Parents’ Day, a day for God as our ultimate parent to experience joy with His and Her children.

The Holy Day will be celebrated in conjunction with the 54th Heavenly Parent’s Day on April 27, 2021, the 61st anniversary of True Parents Holy Wedding. Wishing you and your families many blessings.

About Our Holy Days

The eight Unificationist Holy Day ceremonies are celebrated on their lunar calendar dates, and include the tradition of prayer, scripture reading, and offering tables, with towers of various fruits, nuts and packaged sweets.

The first four Holy Days relate to the order of creation (parents, children, the created things and God). The second four relate to events in Unification movement’s history (True Parents’ Birthday, the Nation of the Unified World [later, Cosmos], Day of God’s Eternal Blessing and the Cosmic Sabbath).

Holy Day Ceremonies can be conducted at home or at local churches. The Main Ceremonies for Holy Days are conducted in the presence of True Parents. Each Holy Day, we are encouraged to make a collective donation as a family offering to True Parents.

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Dr. Sarah Gilbert, Addressing the Universal Peace Federation’s Fifth Rally of Hope

This is Prof Sarah Gilbert speaking on the Universal Peace Federation’s 5th Rally of Hope as the world Vaccine alliance platforms of GAVI and COVAX rolls out vaccine doses to poorer nations the vaccine that she and the Oxford University team with AstraZeneca produced at cost price to supply a third of the world.

Australia bought 53.8 million Astra Zeneca vaccine doses, enough to cover the whole of population requirements, for delivery in 2021. Fifty million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine will be produced within Australia by CSL. (Federal Department of Health)

Who can get vaccinated for COVID-19 in Australia?

How vaccines work

Vaccines will be available for everyone

Everyone in Australia will be offered a COVID-19 vaccine.

Each COVID-19 vaccine can be slightly different. It is important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any existing medical conditions to find out if vaccination is suitable for you.

You should always discuss any existing medical conditions with your doctor or pharmacist before you get any vaccine.

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Rev. Moon: Easter ‘A Day I Can Never Forget’

April 2, 2021 is Good Friday, marking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. On Sunday, April 4, we observe the Easter holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion. We also remember the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s life-changing spiritual encounter with Jesus on Easter morning in 1935, which ultimately led him to start the worldwide Unification movement.

Rev. Moon recalled his meeting with Jesus as “the most cherished memory of my life” and “a day I can never forget” in his 2009 autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

At age 16, atop Mount Myodu in North Korea, Rev. Moon accepted Jesus’s call to continue his mission of world salvation. Jesus revealed that his death and resurrection gave humanity spiritual redemption but not physical salvation. Thus, by 1945 after World War II, Rev. Moon published his revelations and teachings in the Divine Principle and began his public ministry. 

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