ICUS True Mother's message
February 4, 2017 - Jamsil Lotte Hotel


2017 - 170204 - ICUS, True Mother's Message from European Office on Vimeo.

The development of modern society gave humankind prosperity. However, the problem we must consider is the following: The original owner of the earth is God, our creator.

God created all things in the cosmos and then created humankind. He had a dream for humankind's first ancestors. God gave the first ancestors the responsibility to unite with him during their growth stage. The first ancestors absolutely had to unite with God. However, during the growth stage Adam and Eve developed self-centered greed. They became greedy for things that were to come later. Due to that, they became humankind's fallen ancestors, who could not unite with God and his purpose of creation. God's dream was to become humankind's parent. He wanted to embrace humankind as his children.

Even the parents of this world want the best for their children; they hope they succeed. How much more would the Creator, God, hope for that? Some reason must exist for God being able to embrace humankind. It was because they were unable to fulfill their responsibility. Humankind would have been able to be in the same position as God if they had fulfilled their responsibilities. However humankind lost that.

Heaven has worked hard and humankind has made effort to correct what went wrong at the beginning. Heaven went through great effort so that someone would come from among humankind who understands the providence and would go through the course of indemnity.  As it explains in the Bible, during the long period of four thousand years, through the Israelites, indemnity was paid for all the wrongs of the individual, the family, the tribe, and the nation, and finally Heaven was able to send the Savior, the Messiah.

The Messiah came for the purpose of becoming a True Parent. To have True Parents, the man had come but the woman as also necessary. The responsibility to create that foundation was not fulfilled. If at that time, the Israelites had fulfilled their responsibilities, through the Roman Senate, the world would have been embrace as one...

Jesus had to go the way of the cross, saying he would return. He said he would return to hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. What does this mean? This means he would return and absolutely become the True Parent.


Fallen humankind cannot directly go before God. The bible used this metaphor: It compared fallen humankind with the wild olive tree. It was said that wild olive trees were waiting for their true owner. The owner is the True Parent. True Parents will emerge and succeed over all indemnity. True Parents are the ones who will bless humankind and begin true families, guiding them to realize God's ideal of creation, God's original plan.

If we had followed the direction that God established at the Creation, the principle of circulation, there would be no pollution. However, because of the mistakes of human beings, our beautiful planet is sick.

Throughout human history, continual wars have occurred. Those who have plenty, fight to get even more. Heaven gave us religions so that God could reach and raise humankind again, but those religions lost their original purpose and are fighting, unable to unite. It can be said that the nations that created all of those problems, religious, ideological and territorial disputes, and the even more severe problem of human rights, are large nations that have the most. When we look at these circumstances, we have to go out and correctly testify about God.

If you ask why I am speaking about this to you scientists today, it is because you must know this. You must know Heaven's secrets. You must know God.

This planet is God's. It belongs to God. Humankind must also belong to God.

You have invented many things in a variety of fields, so that we can enjoy abundance in the twenty-first century. However, by-products of some of these inventions endanger human lives and endanger all living things. If the planet has no future, humankind has no future. This is the direction we are heading. We cannot ignore this and only focus on researching things that are needed right now. Due to people's selfish and incorrect thinking, creation is suffering and is sick. If we had followed the direction that God established at the Creation, the principle of circulation, there would be no pollution. In many ways, scientific civilization caused much pollution. This is the reason I am reviving ICUS. We have to stop the threats that endanger human life and the survival of the planet.

In that sense, I know that you love Heaven more than anyone else and that you have worked with dedication in your areas of research. I am reviving ICUS because your efforts are greatly needed to create one human family centered on God, the kingdom of heaven on earth, so humankind comprising 7.4 billion people, can enjoy healthy lives of freedom, unification and happiness.