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Zimbabwe - President Mnangagwa is expected officiate at the first national level Peace and Family Festival
- November 21 2018 National Sports Stadium Harare.

South Africa - Interfaith & Peace Blessing in South Africa - 24 November 2018
Cape Town International Convention Center 2pm start

True Mother’s Keynote Address at Nassau Coliseum - 12 November 2018, Long Island, NY.

True Peace Magazine October Issue


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I am in Adelaide and available to talk to individuals and groups about FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) teachings and projects.

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About Us

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) is an international society comprised of families striving to embody the ideal of true love and to establish a world of peace and unity among all peoples, races, and religions as envisioned by Rev. Sun Myung and Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon. Many members of the FFWPU accept and follow Reverend Moon’s particular religious teaching, the Divine Principle.

Whilst often pejoratively labelled as "Moonies" in news media, we prefer to be known as Unificationists.

The FFWPU was founded in 1996 by Reverend and Mrs. Moon in order to expand the mission of the Unification Church to create an alliance of people who generally share their vision of building God-centered families as the basis for healthy communities, stable societies and a peaceful world.

In the English speaking world, Sun Myung Moon is often referred to as "Reverend Moon," both by Unification Church members, and by the general public and the media. Unification Church members most often call him "Father" or "True Father." Some mainstream Christian clergy who have come to associate themselves with the Unification Movement took to calling him "Father Moon." Similar titles are used for his wife, Hak Ja Han (Moon), who is referred to as Mrs. Moon, and often called "Mother," or "True Mother," and again clergy working with the Moons have taken to calling her "Mother Moon."

FFWPU champions three ideals mentioned in its title: family, peace, and unification. Promoting the values that make for strong families is the central mission of the FFWPU. This means encouraging married couples to practice fidelity; it means parents loving and caring for their children, protecting them and educating them to uphold the highest moral standards; and it means children loving and respecting both their parents and grandparents. The FFWPU also seeks a “culture of peace” by supporting interreligious and international cooperation around the universal themes of family, love, and living for the sake of others. The word Unification in the title refers to the ideal of unity between mind and body, between husband and wife, and between heaven and earth.

Reverend Moon's teachings

The teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

In April 2010, FFWPU Founder, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012) bequeathed his last words for humankind...

"I already have prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These words have been prepared based on my seven triumphs over life-or-death situations, including six periods of unjust imprisonment. I have left behind eight different volumes of books as the textbooks and teaching materials for humankind for all eternity.

"These include over 2,000 volumes of my published and unpublished speeches, Divine Principle (원리강론), Cheon Seong Gyeong (天聖經), Pyeonghwa Shingyeong (the Peace Messages and an assortment of messages from the spirit world), the Family Pledge (가정맹세), True Families: Gateway to Heaven, Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage and a comparative anthology titled World Scriptures. These textbooks are books that you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one human being: they are the textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way, which God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.

"... last year, my memoirs, which contain an honest and candid account of my life, were published, titled As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. .... I recommend it to you, believing that it will show you about leading life according to true principles....I pray you will carefully read this articulation of true love and find great inspiration." (Read more of Rev Moon's April 1, 2010 speech entitled "The Settlement of the Abel UN and Completion of Cheon Il Guk".)


"You should now set up the Hoon Dok Hae study tradition in your families using the books I have mentioned. That is the tradition where three generations of a family start each day by reading Heaven's word, and lead a life of practicing what they read, with a new heart. Let's create a world where people in the spirit world and the earthly world can both attend True Parents at the same time, and read the word on the heavenly path together.

"Once this happens, no matter how hard Satan may try to worm his way in to infest your lineage, once he encounters the Hoon Dok Hae tradition he will find no room to move. If a family is aligned with God as at high noon, where no shadow is cast and still does not receive God's blessings, who then could ever be deserving of them? When such heavenly families fill the earth, the world will automatically become the heavenly kingdom on earth and in the eternal spirit world, fulfilling the vision of one family under God." (The Establishment of the New Era of Universal Peace, Sun Myung Moon, December 4, 2010. Seoul, Korea)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's eight volumes of textbooks and teaching materials:

1 Family Pledge - English / Korean (가정맹세) [pdf file]

2 Exposition of the Divine Principle (원리강론) (pdf)

3 Cheon Seong Gyeong (천성경 天聖經) (2006 edition)

4 World Scripture - A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts  (Book 1)

   World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon (Book 2) (pdf - 11MB)

5 True Family - Gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven (pdf)

6 Peace Messages (Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong) and Messages from the Spirit World

7 True Father - Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage (pdf)

8 Reverend Moon's Sermons & autobiography

Reverend Moon's autobiography:A Peace Loving Global Citizen (pdf)

The following items have been translated from Korean and published in English (source: http://www.tparents.org):

Crown of Glory 
(A poem that Rev. Moon composed when he was 16 years old (1936)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 1
(April 8, 1956 through December 30, 1956)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 2
(January 6, 1957 through August 4, 1957)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
(September 8, 1957 through February 9, 1958)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4
(February 16, 1958, through October 19, 1958)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 5 
(November 9, 1958 through March 8, 1959)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6
(March 15, 1959 through May 24, 1959)

Sermons of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 7
(July 5, 1959 through October 18, 1959)

More English translations of Rev Moon's talks and sermons are available at www.tparents.org. All of the talks and sermons linked to this page are in English. The speaker almost always spoke in Korean, with simultaneous translation. The words on linked pages are based on those simultaneous translations. They are not necessarily accurate translations. Many of the sermons and talks are unofficial notes. Unofficial notes are personal notes, based on the simultaneous translations. Unofficial notes reflect the note taker's interpretation of the translation and should be considered even less accurate than the simultaneous translations.

An article by Dr Andrew Wilson entitled "The Need for a Critical Edition of Reverend Moon's Words" addresses concerns about the translation of Rev Moon's sermons.

Many thanks to Gary Fleisher (tparents.org), Damian Anderson (unification.net) and Michael Shea (tongil.org) for providing impressive online libraries from which these materials are sourced.

FFWPU Australia supports the Coalition for Marriage and says "No" to same sex marriage

Character education for 6-18 years old

Discovering the Real Me: A Student Textbook in Character Education

Press statement from FFWPU USA (February 22, 2018): Unification Church Does Not Encourage Firearm Use




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